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Home porn page you are just looking at is a place that is about to become your new favorite resource of top rated amateur porn sex tapes and real homemade videos. Knowing that you are feeling the same as we do and that you are a real fan of homemade sex footage, we wanted to tell you more about us. Below is our story, or to be more precise, the purpose of Love Home Porn explained.
Being into pornography for decades, people behind Love Home Porn consider them experts in the field of homemade couple sex niche. Not only that we spent most of our adult life watching homemade amateur porn and all kinds of amateur kinks, but we are now addicted to sex videos featuring horny couples. Knowing this, it is not hard to understand why the logical step forward was to create this website.
The idea was simple but also not so easy to achieve, at least not in 2013 when fucking in homemade video was still a taboo. Frankly, it is still a big no-no for many people around the globe, but this is exactly what makes any home made sex tape so attractive and interesting to the public. Just try to remember how much hype is following any of the announcements when celebrities get their real homemade porn footage "leaked".  We doubt that anything comes close to this and it will be like this for years to come.
The reason is simple. People sincerely love to see what is going on inside the bedrooms of other couples. There can be various reasons for this phenomenon that is old probably as a human race. Here are the three most important of them, based on an anonymous survey we did in the previous years. A number of people voting are huge so you can be sure that the next info is pretty precise. 

Why do people enjoy watching true amateur sex?

#1 - The first reason is the classic voyeurism. An individual will experience enormous sexual arousal while watching other people in intimate situations or actions. Pleasure getting from watching people having sex is even bigger than being in copulation on your own. There is probably no man in this world who would refuse to watch home sex if he is sure that no one will ever find out. Luckily, porn sites as this one are the safest way to please this fetish, if we can consider it a fetish at all. For most of us, it is a normal way of living while science calls it a voyeuristic disorder.
#2 - The second most popular motivation for watching amateur homemade xxx movies is comparison. Simply speaking, people want to see how they are performing compared to other people. Sure, there are many websites advertised as best porn sites, but we all know to make a difference between real and staged hardcore sex. Watching pornstars and adult actresses are useless when a comparison is what you are looking for. 
#3 - Education -  Even if this sounds strange at first, it is very logical. Let us explain: the internet is full of free porn tube videos. We all know that the most popular websites on the web are pornographic ones. Similar to the above, the content offered there is generic, things are repeated and you will constantly have a feeling that you already watched a video you are looking at. This is because of the massive production of porn content by big companies. Acting and dehumanization of pornography are the main characteristics. Young people looking to see how real sexual intercourse looks like simply won't be able to see it.
Luckily, real fucking in homemade amateur videos is a solution. Watching sexy amateur girls and boys really doing it in front of the camera will give you the opportunity to experience how real couple fucking looks like. Without fake orgasms, artificially prolonged sexual intercourse, unrealistic length of erection or massive ejaculations. The aspect of education is especially important for younger men without much sexual experience. men without much sexual experience.

How to define home porn?

The next thing that will help you understand the concept behind amateur porn movies is the ability to recognize what is real and what is fake home porn. Interestingly, many people are not able to see the difference. We can't blame them, big content producers and studios are pretty good at imitating realistic and real life sex activities. Still, after you spend some time on our site and watch genuine home fuck videos, you will easily notice a difference.
Before you get there and dive into our world of amateur girlfriends, there are few things that will help you out make a difference. When watching beginner porn online, the easiest way to spot fake recordings is by the quality of a porn video. Do you really think that horny couples in heat have time to think about lights, sounds, and angles of the camera? On top of that, slutty girls in those videos are taking care of every detail, from being dressed up to have perfect makeup. They look almost perfect.
Compared to home movies recorded by people recording themselves, you probably won't find any of the elements mentioned above. Oh, we are not saying that something wrong is with people featured in homemade fuck clips. On the contrary, being natural and realistic is the pure essence of what is turning us on.

What our website is offering?

Now once we are clear with all the important details about amateur porn home niche, let's get back to Love Home Porn and what this site is offering to the members. 
An unprecedented archive of genuine and best homemade video recordings is making us the biggest domestic porn videos and pictures venues on the internet. At the moment while you are reading this, we are proud to say that this site is offering over 82756 top rated videos and 11407 photo albums. This means the site is filled with an enormous amount of amateur smut and debauchery. 
The best part is that Love Home Porn is updated on a daily basis. On average, there are 28 new videos and fresh scenes added every single day. Yes, you are reading it right, and you should add 6 new albums too. Now you know why there is such a big repository of explicit adult content available for our members. What you are also going to like is a sneak peek section where you can see upcoming videos. A simple but effective way to keep you horny and stay on your mind all the time.

Why our site is better than the other ones?

It doesn't take long to check other best amateur websites and to see a difference. Except for the obvious variety and amount of exclusive content, we are taking care of usability. Our idea is to make things as simple as possible and let fans of best domestic porn to enjoy watching real home sex tube videos.
This is why our website is simple to use on a desktop or a mobile device. All sections are easily accessible and logical so you can concentrate on hard cock loving girls, hot teen or mature wife sluts, whatever you like the most.

Wherefrom are men and women in videos?

This question would make sense 5 years ago or so. But today when there are thousands of hottest homemade episodes available, be sure that hot girlfriend fucking is recorded in every part of the globe. The size of Love Home Porn will help you understand how many people are actually having sex at this moment while you are reading this.
Women and men featured in videos we are collecting for you are sending us footage from all parts of the world. You will find Asian amateur porn, black babes sex, European amateur whores, American horny sluts and much more. In case we want to be absolutely precise, we could list most of the countries currently existing. So expect to see or maybe even recognize someone you know in person. It happens all the time. 

What is the quality of the recordings?

One of the things we really consider essential is the condition of videos offered to visitors. Rights reserved are letting us deny low-quality videos. The idea is to deliver only the best possible quality where you can see every single detail. We strongly believe that homemade cumshots must be clearly seen without compromise. Sometimes, when a perfect body girl is so sexy and irresistible we will try to reencode the video and make it better before publishing it online. 
Luckily, these days high definition cameras are available everywhere so the bulk of live sex free porn videos can we watched on big HD screens where you will have a feeling you are looking at people fucking right in front of you. As mentioned above, we are really trying to get the best from every single homemade porn video.

How old are couples featured in videos?

Hot amateur couple making love is a beautiful sight to see. But not all people are getting sexually aroused by watching young homemade xxx footage. Some men are only into teen home porn and will ejaculate only when masturbating on a real amateur teen getting a big cock inside her hairy pussy. That's fine, but what about MILF and mature women? It is an ultimate fetish for a huge number of men and women. 
If you are one of them, then you are in the best possible place. Ass fucked, mouth fucked, anally penetrated, you name it. The catch is that we have tons of new sex and group sex slut wife videos featuring only more experienced and still very horny older women. 
With such a big porn movie archive as ours, you can expect free access to thousands of amazing real homemade xxx porno materials with men and women of all ages. There is really a big number of combinations at disposal right now. Some of them are homemade teen pussy drilling, amateur wife bedroom ass fucking, college girl bathroom quickie, ass doggystyle MILF sex and much more. One thing is for sure, you will find what you are exactly looking for, we have covered it all.

Premium or free membership?

As you have already seen, there are two levels of membership on our porn amateur website. When you decide to join and become a member of our growing sex video community, you will choose a username and enter a contact email where you will get all the details. It is a classic free registration procedure familiar to everyone. Now, you are probably wondering what is the difference between free and easily upgradable premium account
First, the reason why we are charging for membership are the operational costs of a monster website having so much content. Every single homemade movie takes some space and when there thousands of them, servers cost a lot. But that's just the beginning. At every moment, there are hundreds of people browsing girls fucked hard videos. Considering we are absolutely against annoying ads you are seeing on another home xxx porno tube sites, this is the only way to cover operational expenses. We believe that serving advertisements would ruin the flawless experience visitors have on our site.
Once you have a registered free account (free members can watch 5 FREE videos every day), you can upgrade at any moment. The difference between the two membership options is significant. As a premium member, you can watch an unlimited number of videos per day. 24/7 if you want, it is all yours. Then, there are no limitations with a download limit. You can save them on your computer and keep in in your personal best videos collection all of us have for years. Also, speed is crucial, especially when jerking off so while you are streaming naughty girlfriend clip, you will have full speed at your disposal. So the only choice left is will you download or stream them right on spot. 

Interested in publishing your own home porn videos?

If you are one of those lucky people recording passionate moments together with your partner, maybe you would like to share it with our members? Being watched while banging perfect ass girlfriend or nailing blonde wife from the behind is really a special kind of pleasure. Not only that you will enjoy this special feeling of freedom but you will also get a response from our community.
We are accepting all kinds of real free sex videos, no matter where they recorded. You can shoot own clip in a hotel room, car, bathroom, backyard, beach or even better, public transportation. Every person out there has their own understanding of how a homemade sex tape should be made. So why don't you share with a wide auditorium of people sharing similar needs and beliefs as you?
We are encouraging you to experiment and send us your latest anal sex, wife sucking cock, big ass worship, monster cock penetration or any other scenario you want to share. There are no limits so if you are into kinky stuff as amateur BDSM humiliation, cuckold husband embarrassment, big black dick wife fucking, amateur babe defloration or anything else, simply upload what you have.
We are especially interested in amateur moms orgies or swinging parties knowing this is a type of content hard to record because of privacy issues in such places. At this moment, we have dozen of husband shares group sex amateur films. 
Please keep in mind that all user-submitted videos need to be watchable and made of decent quality. This shouldn't be a problem for most of the domestic porn producers enjoying to show their small tits or huge tits wives, girls or even step sister home porn video. 
The privacy policy of Love Home Porn is letting you remove your video at any time. Of course, we are hoping it will stay with us for years to come and that instead of deleting them, you are going to send us even more of your amateur hidden gems.

What types of sex you should expect?

We are about to count as many as possible but please notice that what you are about to read is only a small fraction of stuff available to the members.
Some of the most popular and viewed videos and photos are next: big tits fucked hard, chick with big black dick in mouth, blonde teen using a sex toy, busty teen cock riding, amateur brunette anal porn, cheating wife homemade blowjob, wet pussy fucked chick with big boobs, high heels sexy brunette fucking by a black dude, first wife anal experience, chubby chick fucked by a black man, teen girl sucking fucking big cock, amateur anal domination, hard dick cock sucking, hot blonde babe fucking big black cocks, teen couple fuck mature lady, lesbian blonde teen girl in a free homemade action, big dick blowjob cum, homemade anal with a sexy blonde and much more.
For an easier understanding of the variety, expect to see everything any of the biggest porno tube sites are offering, just this time in amateur performance. There are also all types of girls featured in home porn videos. Dark-haired beauties, redheads, skinny females, curvy women, short haired whores, excited sluts in nylons (pantyhose or stockings), girls wearing uniforms of nurses, doctors, college girls or simply being fucked in catsuits. Same as above, it is really hard to count them all, you have to check out the site and figure it out on your own. 

The conclusion

Before you dive into the vast offer of homemade sex tube videos and amateur porn tube treasury, keep on your mind that this is a rapidly growing website. New features are about to be expected. Maybe it is not time to discover it yet, but we are planing an amateur VR (virtual reality) section to be announced when there is enough sexy content of this kind. 
We would love to see every one of our visitors to become a new member and get involved in user commenting and rating of content. Remember that sharing is caring and if you send us your own free home clip, you will make the day better to thousands of horny viewers worldwide.