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<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/welcome/main_image.png" alt="Live streaming software - ManyCam UI" class="lazyload" data-min-width="470"/>

<img src="/images/new_home_page/welcome/background.png" alt="Live-streaming software" class="img-background">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/welcome/mask.png" alt="Live-streaming software to help you deliver professional live videos" class="img-1 animation-top lazyload" data-max-width="470">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/welcome/ui.png" alt="Live streaming software - ManyCam UI" class="img-2 animation-top lazyload" data-max-width="470">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/welcome/emoticons.png" alt="Emoticons" class="img-3 animation-top lazyload" data-max-width="470">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/welcome/presets.png" alt="Playlist settings" class="img-4 animation-top lazyload" data-max-width="470">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/welcome/draw.png" alt="Draw" class="img-6 animation-bottom lazyload" data-max-width="470">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/welcome/playlist.png" alt="Audio playlist" class="img-7 animation-bottom lazyload" data-max-width="470">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/welcome/video_source.png" alt="Video source" class="img-8 animation-bottom lazyload" data-max-width="470">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/welcome/text.png" alt="Text" class="img-9 animation-bottom lazyload" data-max-width="470">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/welcome/stopwatch.png" alt="Stopwatch" class="img-11 animation-bottom lazyload" data-max-width="470">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/welcome/chroma_key.png" alt="Effects" class="img-5 animation-top lazyload" data-max-width="470">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/welcome/playlist_settings.png" alt="Effects" class="img-10 animation-bottom lazyload" data-max-width="470">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/live_video/videos_mobile.png" alt="What’s new on ManyCam - Enhance live streams and video calls" class="lazyload" data-min-width="980"/>

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/live_video/videos.png" alt="What’s new on ManyCam - Enhance live streams and video calls" class="lazyload" data-max-width="980"/>

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/advantages/stream.png?v=2" alt="Stream to Facebook & YouTube Live" class="desktop-img animation-top lazyload" data-max-width="1330">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/advantages/url.png?v=2" alt="Add a YouTube video" class="desktop-img img-1 animation-top lazyload" data-max-width="1330">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/advantages/youtube.png?v=1" alt="Streaming has never been easier!" class="desktop-img img-2 animation-top lazyload" data-max-width="1330">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/advantages/facebook.png?v=1" alt="Quickly set up your RTMP stream and broadcast to your chosen streaming service" class="animation-top desktop-img img-3 lazyload" data-max-width="1330">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/advantages/stream_mobile.png?v=1" alt="Live stream on Facebook and YouTube simultaneously" class="mobile-img animation-top lazyload" data-min-width="1330">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/advantages/greenscreen.png?v=5" alt="Green Screen (Chroma Key)" class="desktop-img animation-top lazyload" data-max-width="1330">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/advantages/photo_1.png?v=1" alt="Enhance your video calls" class="desktop-img img-1 animation-top lazyload" data-max-width="1330">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/advantages/photo_2.png?v=1" alt="Enhance your live streams" class="desktop-img img-2 animation-top lazyload" data-max-width="1330">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/advantages/photo_3.png?v=1" alt="The Chroma Key tool" class="desktop-img img-3 animation-top lazyload" data-max-width="1330">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/advantages/chroma_key.png?v=3" alt="The Chroma Key tool" class="desktop-img img-4 animation-top lazyload" data-max-width="1330">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/advantages/greenscreen_mobile.png?v=2" alt="Chroma Key software - Replace your background live" class="mobile-img animation-top lazyload" data-min-width="1330">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/advantages/webcam.png?v=2" alt="Virtual Webcam" class="desktop-img animation-top background lazyload" data-max-width="1330">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/advantages/display.png" alt="Select ManyCam as your virtual webcam" class="desktop-img img-1 animation-top lazyload" data-max-width="1330">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/advantages/skype.png" alt="Skype" class="desktop-img img-2 animation-top lazyload" data-max-width="1330">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/advantages/custom.png" alt="Get access to ManyCam’s fantastic live video features" class="desktop-img img-3 animation-top lazyload" data-max-width="1330">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/advantages/source.png" alt="Add a video source" class="desktop-img img-4 animation-top lazyload" data-max-width="1330">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/advantages/webcam_mobile.png?v=1" alt="Virtual webcam software for Video calls" class="mobile-img animation-top lazyload" data-min-width="1330">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/slide1_back.png?v=2" alt="Picture - in - Picture" class="desktop-img animation-top background lazyload" data-max-width="820">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/presets.png?v=2" alt="ManyCam allows you to add layers on top of your main video source to drive your audience’s focus." class="img-1 desktop-img lazyload animation-top" data-max-width="820">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/mask.png?v=2" alt="More than a streaming software" class="img-2 desktop-img animation-top lazyload" data-max-width="820">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/mobile_slide1.png?v=1" alt="Live video with picture in picture & screen sharing" class="mobile-img animation-top lazyload" data-min-width="820">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/slide2_back.png?v=1" alt="Media Source Switcher" class="owl-lazy desktop-img">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/menu.png?v=1" alt="ManyCam makes that easy!" class="img-1 owl-lazy desktop-img" onload="this.AddClass('top');">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/add.png?v=1" alt="Mixing up different video sources" class="img-2 owl-lazy desktop-img" onload="this.AddClass('top');">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/mobile_slide2.png?v=1" alt="Media source switcher for live streams and video calls" class="mobile-img owl-lazy">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/slide3_back.png?v=1" alt="Add 3D Masks, Effects and Graphics" class="owl-lazy desktop-img">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/cake.png" alt="Cake effect on ManyCam" class="img-3 owl-lazy desktop-img" onload="this.AddClass('top');">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/emoticons.png?v=1" alt="Personalize your videos by adding your custom digital props" class="img-1 owl-lazy desktop-img" onload="this.AddClass('top');">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/effects.png?v=1" alt="ManyCam has over 12,000 masks, objects, and effects!" class="img-2 owl-lazy desktop-img" onload="this.AddClass('top');">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/mobile_slide3.png?v=1" alt="Effects, 3D Masks and digital props for video calls" class="mobile-img owl-lazy">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/slide4_back.png?v=1" alt="Use Multiple Video Sources" class="owl-lazy desktop-img">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/group_1.png?v=1" alt="Add webcams, pre-recorded videos." class="img-1 owl-lazy desktop-img" onload="this.AddClass('top');">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/group_2.png?v=1" alt="Add your computer screen and much more to your live streams and recordings." class="img-2 owl-lazy desktop-img" onload="this.AddClass('top');">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/group_3.png?v=1" alt="Easily switch between sources to engage your audience." class="img-3 owl-lazy desktop-img" onload="this.AddClass('top');">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/mobile_slide4.png?v=1" alt="Multiple Video Sources on live streams & video calls" class="mobile-img owl-lazy">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/slide5_back.png?v=2" alt="Performance" class="owl-lazy desktop-img">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/clock.png?v=1" alt="ManyCam users benefit from a fast and powerful streaming software." class="img-1 owl-lazy desktop-img" onload="this.AddClass('top');">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/draw.png?v=1" alt="Each feature is carefully designed to help you enhance your video calls, web conferences." class="img-2 owl-lazy desktop-img" onload="this.AddClass('top');">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/playlist.png?v=1" alt="Each feature is carefully designed to help you enhance your live streaming videos." class="img-3 owl-lazy desktop-img" onload="this.AddClass('top');">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/features/mobile_slide5.png?v=1" alt="Powerful streaming software" class="mobile-img owl-lazy">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/solutions/live_streaming.svg" alt="Live Streaming Software" class="lazyload">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/solutions/business.svg" alt="Live Video For Business" class="lazyload">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/solutions/education.svg" alt="Live Online Education" class="lazyload">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/solutions/game.svg" alt="Game Streaming" class="lazyload">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/solutions/telehealth.svg" alt="Live TeleHealth" class="lazyload">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/solutions/mobile.svg" alt="Mobile Live Streaming" class="lazyload">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/mobile/phone.png?v=1" alt="Mobile Live streaming ManyCam app." class="lazyload" data-max-width="750">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/mobile/app_store.svg" alt="Download on the App Store" class="lazyload">

<img data-src="/images/new_home_page/mobile/google_play.svg" alt="Get it on Google Play" class="lazyload">

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